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Be careful, you are spied on the Internet! Protect yourself with a VPN!

NSA, Hackers, Mafias, Governments spy you while you surf on the Internet. Stay free and use a VPN server that encrypts your internet browsing (games, download, email etc ...) making it impossible to spy on your activities. To use it, just find a VPN site, install in seconds the little software provided, log in, and go ...
There are many sites that offer this type of service.
- Hide My Ass: Site renowned, established in 2005. Very good reputation, low prices and servers in 63 countries. Multiple payment methods, including Paypal
- Pure VPN: Established in 2007, servers in 26 countries, low prices and, nice idea, explanatory videos if you have problems during the installation. Paypal payment, Credit Cards etc...

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Why should I use a Proxy ?

The most common way to hide your IP address is to use a proxy server. A proxy server allows you to indirectly connect to the site you want to visit. For example, you want to connect to the site If you surf without a proxy, your computer connects directly to the server hosting and the visit can begin. With a proxy, that's different.
1 - The user first connects to the proxy server.
2 - A request is sent to the server to connect to
3 - The proxy server connects to
4 - The user can visit anonymously without any trace. What is not important for a visit can be much more important for sensitive sites, political sites or download sites.
Of course, to navigate through a proxy, you need to find proxies. Our list is updated every minute and is full of Anonymous and Elite Proxies.